Monday, 24 November 2014

Are you maximising events and holidays with your brand personality?

In today's age, individuals are looking for connection in everything we do and it is no different when it comes to our purchasing behaviour and what we look for in companies. 

Consumers are looking to buy but NOT be sold. 

This distinction is crucial when you are coming up with marketing campaigns. Take a step back and ask yourself: "are you being sold?" Look to create a connection with your consumers and one way you can do this is with your brand character during events and holidays.

Do not be afraid to have some fun with your brand character. 

Use the holidays and events in the year to give your brand some character BUT make sure it does not dilute your brands image. 

You can see below how I changed our brands character for Christmas promotions but still maintained the image of our brand. Be careful not to take it too far but have some fun 

Infanta Foods Christmas Baker
Christmas Bakers Man for Infanta Foods

Infanta Foods Baker
Our All year Bakers Man For Infanta Foods

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