Thursday, 4 December 2014

Learn how to become an organisation that stimulates growth through your employees

In order for your organisation to thrive, there needs to be continuous growth for your employees. Stimulating your employees in there normal everyday tasks forces continuous personal development and gives individuals a sense of achievement and ownership for strategic initiatives.

Why would you want to be an organisation that consciously stimulates growth through your employees?

Firstly, employees keep doing the same thing day in and day out and soon they become complacent in work tasks as a result of lack of stimulation. This can result in mistakes and poor performance from your employees as a result of this complacency culture that develops. 

Secondly, the growth of an organisation is limited to a few key individuals that can come up with a number of innovations and strategic initiatives to propel a business forward. These individuals will not work in each department and may not necessarily have an ear on the ground like an individual that is working in that department. This may result in transactional strategies created for each department instead of transformational strategies that could give your organisation the competitive advantage you need.

Therefore: Imagine if you could get 5 people within a certain department to come up with 3 strategies. If you only implement 2 or 3 of those 15 strategies, your organisation will continuously grow and strengthen in each department.

How to become an organisation that stimulates growth through your employees:

1. Get ARTICLES online weekly for each department that is relevant to each department.
  • Example for sales department: What is the difference between benefit and feature?

2. Get your employees in each department to read these articles WITH A DEADLINE.
  • Read and report back to me by next week Wednesday.

3. Ask questions on these articles. 
  • Example: 
    1. How does this apply to our business? 
    2. Can we use anything from what you learnt in these article in our business, 
    3. If so, how and why?
4. Get employees to discuss their findings and results with each other in that department.
  • Our features are...
  • Our benefits are...
  • We can translate this to the customer by...

5. Come up with blueprints and strategic plans on how to implement ideas and concepts that were created. 
  • Need an implementation plan to see these ideas through or else they will just remain ideas.

6. On a monthly basis, get employees to read BOOKS on their relevant departments and present their findings to each other as well as you.
  • You can always learn more about each department.
  • Individuals often retain more information when they teach it to someone else.

In today's' information era, there is no excuse for a lack of personal education and development. 

Very often individuals just need accountability and they will do what is being asked and eventually you will not have to ask because the results will be seen. A culture that strives for growth and encourages strategy will propel an organisation to achieve monumental growth. 

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