Monday, 15 September 2014

Worlds number 1 wealth coach JT Foxx: 15 ways to grow and explode your business.

In business conceptual thinking is crucial! 

You must not JUST copy, but copy and make better or different.

JT Foxx and Marisa da Silva
Marisa da Silva and JT Foxx
See these 15 ways to grow and explode your business that I learnt and implemented from JT Foxx (Worlds number 1 wealth coach):
  1. Stay Small
    • Companies can afford to be sloppy when they get too big. Stay small in expenses but think big in terms of vision. It is crucial for you to maintain that stringent mindset.
    • We have implemented this mindset in our business and become a part of our culture by always asking "what will the return be?" This thinking has got us to think more strategic.
  2. Be the David v.s. Goliath
    • When you are the David, you have to be the best because you have no other choice. This constant fight will drive you to think more strategically. 
    • In our industry we are the David and this constant strive for being the best is how we have survived in our industry. Always think how can I be the best and how can I do this better-> this strive has revolutionised my business to always better who we are as individuals as well as our products and service offerings.
  3. Get the details right
    • Constantly ask how can I do better or be the best.
    • You can fix as you go along but make sure you are NOT over analyzing that you never actually take action.
  4. Must be inventive
    • Watch where you are spending. Finances are the thin line between success and failure-> must find creative ways to fund projects and growth.
    • Being inventive does not necessarily mean a new product but could be packaging previous products differently-> this allowed us to expand our basket to our customers and got them to try a wider variety of products. 
  5. Keep Moving
    • In business things go wrong all the time as long as you fail forward.
  6. Innovation
    • Differentiation is crucial! You do not have to be radical with a product offering. 
    • What we did is improved recipes or new packaging. 
  7. Trust your instincts
    • This is so crucial in business. 
    • Do not second guess yourself.
  8. Say yes
    • It may be scary but say yes to opportunities. Many opportunities will cross your path, you have to evaluate it and have the courage to say yes.
  9. Do business differently
    • Be bold! You have to be driven. 
    • Always think how can I be the best? How can I better this?
  10. Keep your ear to the ground
    • Listen to everyone, do not just act. Always look for opportunities- even the silliest things.
    • By keeping our ear to the ground with the help of coaching we have created training programmes for the bakery and made it user friendly with the help of infographics. 
  11. Make sure employees can make decisions quickly
    • Empower your employees to act autonomously. 
    • Always trust but verify so make sure you have a short string. If a problem arises and it takes to long to get to top management, may be too late.
  12. No such thing as bad publicity
    • Pop up and stand out. Dress boldly and use small quotes that catch readers attention in media. 
  13. Diversify your brand
    • Make sure your brand can diversify into completely different industries. Make it possible to do unrelated business 
  14. Have fun
    • If your organisational culture has a fun aspect, this creates a great environment to have employees thrive. 
    • With coaching, we added an idea board and if you have an idea and it is something we can implement the employee receives an award
  15. Negotiate everything in every way
    • Your negotiation skills are crucial for your business to grow and explode due to the need to form strategic alliances or for better deals as you will need all the help you can get.
These 15 steps are only some of the tips i have used in my business and they have had phenomenal results. Often it is just a small change you need in your business to take you to the next level. With the help of coaching from JT Foxx  (Worlds number 1 wealth coach) I have learnt to grow my business and think transformationally. This has changed my life and my businesses.