Friday, 5 September 2014

8 Great Trade Show Tips To Stand Out and Be Seen

Trade shows are gaining more traction but the only problem is if you do not know what you are doing then it is easy to become lost in the trade shows.

Follow these 8 easy tips to stand out and be seen at a Trade Show:

  1. Strong company identification - Logo, Logo, Logo!
    • Make sure that your logo is on all promotional items! 
    • These events are all about creating brand awareness and reinforcing your brand in your consumers mind which is why you need to have your logo on as many surfaces as possible. 
      • Areas that must have your logo are:
        1. Your stand, 
        2. All Trade Show personnel's clothing and 
        3. Most importantly on walk away free promotional products. When people see your products in other peoples hands and would like to try that same product, they need to know which company it came from so make sure you have your company on your walk away products. This exposure at a show is the greatest because it will help to pull people to your stand and have people actively look for you.
    • If it is a marketing campaign, make sure that you have similar placement, font and colour schemes so that your brand is reinforced in your consumers mind and the ads tie up to each other. This repetition of similar placement helps with your brand reinforcement.
  2. Theme your Stand Decor for direction:
    • When you give your stand a theme, it creates a decor direction and helps with decor so that you know what to buy and what you are looking for. If you want to emphasise tradition-> go for a bit more rugged and natural. If you are looking for modern then you know clean cut and strong lines.
    • This will help to draw people to your stand.
  3. Move out and about:
    • Ask the event coordinators if you can walk around with samples of your products and hand out as people are moving between aisles. This is the greatest secret and not many people ask if you can walk around so by the time everyone else realises this, you have already captured more people.
    • Make sure you have beautiful promotion ladies, always more effective. 

  4. Trade show deals:
    • Create deals and packages that are unique to that trade show and make sure you use words such as exclusive, once-off offer, for today only, never to be repeated, discounted to... etc. 
    • All of this provides a call to action and that is crucial to convert the trade show inquiries into actual sales. This also serves as a metric for you to judge how effective the trade show was, what leads you got from it and which deals and packages were effective for future shows.
  5. Do not over showcase:
    • Often at Trade Shows, we try to show everything that we do as a company but less is more when it comes to your trade show showcase.
    • Make sure what you are showcasing is your signature line, revolutionary or never before seen and most of all easy to transport and have people sample it. 
    • If you have a great product, your product will sell itself so we need to make sure that it is easy for people to sample your product. Actually testing the product while at the show will help to secure potential customers while you have them there will you. Let them see it and play with the product.
    • Use TV's with powerpoints showcasing your products, give brochures and pamphlets when people want to see your complete product range. 
  6. Use social Media Campaigns
    • Get people to take a photo at your stand and post online, tag your company and whoever is the most creative with your stand or product then they will win a prize.
    • You can also have a fun cardboard cut out with your brand and have poeple take a photo with this cut out and tag your company. 
  7. Make friends with your neighbours:
    • Work together with the companies around your stand and refer each others companies. This will create more hype around your stands which will pull more people in. The busier your area, the more people stop and look.
  8. Business Card box:

    • Place a box for people to drop their business cards to win a prize (make the prize something people will desire, or something quirky). Then have people come back at a certain time(s) for the drawing. This will allow you to get a lot more individuals details to have follow-up emails to reintroduce your company.

Remember that a trade shows have so many brands trying to get sales and gain that brand awareness, you just have to be more strategic and more effective.

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