Saturday, 15 July 2017

How JT Foxx changed a family business by changing the second generation

When I first met JT Foxx I was 22 years old and I was fresh out of university just having studied business management. I had joined my family business full time and I feared that I would take our successful family business and ruin it.

Well that was when I met JT Foxx and all of that changed. People often speak of a switch going off in your head and that is exactly what it felt like. After spending 8 hours learning from him and his organisations coaches, I felt that change in my mindset and in my belief.

My mom and myself spent the next day with him and his organisation and signed up for his coaching program excited to take our business to new heights through their guidance.

That all changed the very next day when the fear stepped in and we asked for a refund afraid we had made the wrong decision or it would not work for our business. JT Foxx found out that we had requested a refund and called us immediately and offered to meet the rest of the family for dinner as he believed in us and new his coaching would change our family business. This is how we knew he was different.

3 years later, I am so grateful that he did not give up on us and in particular myself as he changed my life and my families forever.

He has helped take our family business to a family empire and in the 3 years with him, these are a few of the results:
1. We have tripled our successful business of 34 years
2. We have become one of the top exporting companies out of Swaziland
3. Been featured on one of South Africa's top radio stations
4. Diversified our business from just bakery ingredients to a complete bakery solution
5. Exporting into America as well as neighbouring countries
6. Started a commercial investment company
7. Took our family business from business-to-business to business-to-consumer by launching our retail range.

These are just a few of the results we have achieved as a family business in this 3 years with JT Foxx and his organisation, but as my headline states, it has been through how he changed my life as second generation. 

A few of my personal results with JT Foxx:

1. South African Youth Entrepreneur Award winner in 2015
2. Featured in an episode on a series on DSTV about youth entrepreneurs in South Africa
3. Featured in magazine articles as a business extraordinaire
4. A entrepreneurial speaker and youth motivator
5. International residential property investor as well as commercial property investor
6. Business Founder
7. Rising star award winner out of 51 countries with the Top 1% Coaching organisation
8. Probably one of the greatest results is the the international network of top entrepreneurs that I call family supporting me and guiding me on this journey.

I am extremely blessed and grateful to have met JT Foxx when I did and be coached by him. At the age of 25 years old, I no longer fear ruining my family business. Instead, I cannot wait to take take our business to even greater heights and change the way people view family businesses.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Marisa da Silva: A young female entrepreneur taking her family business to a family empire.

Marisa da Silva Female Entrepreneur
Marisa da Silva
Marisa da Silva matriculated from Cornwall Hill College in 2009 where she then went to Tuks to study Bcom Business Management. After her first year she was invited to be a part of The Golden Key International Honour Society which is the top 15% academically at the university. She then went on to Cum Laude her undergraduate Bcom Business Management and got accepted into honours as one of the top business management students to be 1 of 30 students. Marisa da Silva studied and worked at the same time to pay for her own studies gaining the practical knowledge alongside the theoretical knowledge. When Marisa graduated from Tuks honours Bcom Business management in 2013, she joined the family business full time ready to take the business to the next level.

George H Ross (Donald Trumps right hand man) and Marisa da Silva
George H Ross (Donald Trumps right hand man) and Me
In January 2014, Marisa met world’s number one wealth coach; JT Foxx. He invited her to join his coaching student programme to be coached by successful entrepreneurs such as himself and individuals like George Ross (Donald Trumps right hand man and judge on the apprentice). 

Judge on the apprentice 
JT Foxx, Marisa da Silva and Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)
JT Foxx, me and Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)

Shortly after joining the JT Foxx Coaching Programme, Marisa attended the world’s number one networking event where she networked with the likes of Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder), successful entrepreneurs that are millionaires and billionaires from all around the world. This was where Marisa truly started to blossom and fuelled her passion for business.

Bakery in a Box Bakery Equipment
Bakery in a Box
Throughout the year, Marisa kept taking her business to new heights and expanded her families’ current bakery ingredients business to open a training school as well as “Bakery in a Box” equipment business. This concept was inspired by meeting so many entrepreneurs wanting to start a business but not sure how to go about it. Marisa wanted to facilitate entrepreneurs and created “Bakery in a Box” as a mechanism for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or add to their current business. She has been profiled on Cliff Central to discuss this concept for entrepreneurs.

Sylvester Stallone, Marisa da Silva and JT Foxx
Sylvester Stallone, Me and JT Foxx 
With all her business success, she has travelled to Los Angeles where she networked with entrepreneurs from over 30 countires and met Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone and Michelle Mone (Voted one of UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs). In February 2015, she spoke to 1200 entrepreneurs about her business success and personal journey in this last year wanting to motivate and inspire those around her.

Driven to take her family business to new heights, Marisa da Silva is a young lady to watch out for.    

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Does Business Coaching Work? The story of my journey

When I was first introduced to the concept of business coaching, it was not something I had considered for my business. A lot of the time people spoke of business consultants but that often had a negative connotation.

With business coaching, they often say "when the student is ready, the coach will appear" and that is exactly what happened with me a year ago. 

I had never thought to go to business seminars but then I came across JT Foxx's event on a friend of mines facebook page. This was Friday afternoon and the event was Saturday morning. I just figured I had nothing to lose and I knew we needed to do something different but I did not know how. I registered and went with my business partner and we had no idea what to expect. We had never heard of JT Foxx but when we had the opportunity to meet him and learn from him we could understand why everyone spoke so highly of him. JT Foxx (Worlds #1 wealth coach) immediately became my role model as I knew this was an individual I could look up to and learn from. People often talk about a switch going off and that is exactly what had happened that weekend.

JT Foxx, Marisa da Silva, Veronica Da Silva
First Event
As the year has gone on, I have seen the growth in our business but predominantly in myself. One of my biggest fears was that I would not be able to take over the business and I would run it into the ground but I no longer fear that. I know with the support and guidance from my family, friends and my coaches I can not go wrong. Business now excites me and the challenges it poses only motivates me to succeed and push myself harder. The high level individuals I have met this last year and have the fortune to call friends have opened opportunities and created connections that are invaluable.

How business coaching helped my business:

This past year our business has grown by 21%. We have expanded our product lines, moved from 200m2 warehouse to 600m2 warehouse and even that is too small now. Expanded into 2 new countries. Started to supply bakery equipment which is our newest business venture (Bakery in a Box) and opened a training school for bakeries. We now analyse our numbers and have implemented more systems and feedback mechanisms. This is only a few of the changes our business has undergone since we have received business coaching. 

This is why I can say business coaching does work if you do these 2 things:

  1. take action AND 
  2. have the correct coach.

 Some highlights of my year with my business coach.
Marisa da Silva and Jay Abraham
Meeting and Learning from Jay Abraham

Marisa da Silva on Cliff Central
Speaking on Cliff Central

Marisa da Silva and Michelle Mone OBE
Meeting Michelle Mone

Marisa da Silva, JT Foxx and Sylvester Stallone
Myself with JT Foxx and Sylvester Stallone

Marisa da Silva, Steve Wozniak and JT Foxx
Myself with Steve Wozniak and JT Foxx

Backstage at Mega Partnering
Backstage at the worlds number 1 networking event

Marisa da Silva Graduating from University of Pretoria
Honours Graduation

JT Foxx and Marisa da Silva
One of SA's original millionaire underdog

Marisa da Silva Speaking
Sharing the success of my business in front of 450 entrepreneurs

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Learn how to become an organisation that stimulates growth through your employees

In order for your organisation to thrive, there needs to be continuous growth for your employees. Stimulating your employees in there normal everyday tasks forces continuous personal development and gives individuals a sense of achievement and ownership for strategic initiatives.

Why would you want to be an organisation that consciously stimulates growth through your employees?

Firstly, employees keep doing the same thing day in and day out and soon they become complacent in work tasks as a result of lack of stimulation. This can result in mistakes and poor performance from your employees as a result of this complacency culture that develops. 

Secondly, the growth of an organisation is limited to a few key individuals that can come up with a number of innovations and strategic initiatives to propel a business forward. These individuals will not work in each department and may not necessarily have an ear on the ground like an individual that is working in that department. This may result in transactional strategies created for each department instead of transformational strategies that could give your organisation the competitive advantage you need.

Therefore: Imagine if you could get 5 people within a certain department to come up with 3 strategies. If you only implement 2 or 3 of those 15 strategies, your organisation will continuously grow and strengthen in each department.

How to become an organisation that stimulates growth through your employees:

1. Get ARTICLES online weekly for each department that is relevant to each department.
  • Example for sales department: What is the difference between benefit and feature?

2. Get your employees in each department to read these articles WITH A DEADLINE.
  • Read and report back to me by next week Wednesday.

3. Ask questions on these articles. 
  • Example: 
    1. How does this apply to our business? 
    2. Can we use anything from what you learnt in these article in our business, 
    3. If so, how and why?
4. Get employees to discuss their findings and results with each other in that department.
  • Our features are...
  • Our benefits are...
  • We can translate this to the customer by...

5. Come up with blueprints and strategic plans on how to implement ideas and concepts that were created. 
  • Need an implementation plan to see these ideas through or else they will just remain ideas.

6. On a monthly basis, get employees to read BOOKS on their relevant departments and present their findings to each other as well as you.
  • You can always learn more about each department.
  • Individuals often retain more information when they teach it to someone else.

In today's' information era, there is no excuse for a lack of personal education and development. 

Very often individuals just need accountability and they will do what is being asked and eventually you will not have to ask because the results will be seen. A culture that strives for growth and encourages strategy will propel an organisation to achieve monumental growth. 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Are you maximising events and holidays with your brand personality?

In today's age, individuals are looking for connection in everything we do and it is no different when it comes to our purchasing behaviour and what we look for in companies. 

Consumers are looking to buy but NOT be sold. 

This distinction is crucial when you are coming up with marketing campaigns. Take a step back and ask yourself: "are you being sold?" Look to create a connection with your consumers and one way you can do this is with your brand character during events and holidays.

Do not be afraid to have some fun with your brand character. 

Use the holidays and events in the year to give your brand some character BUT make sure it does not dilute your brands image. 

You can see below how I changed our brands character for Christmas promotions but still maintained the image of our brand. Be careful not to take it too far but have some fun 

Infanta Foods Christmas Baker
Christmas Bakers Man for Infanta Foods

Infanta Foods Baker
Our All year Bakers Man For Infanta Foods

Monday, 15 September 2014

Worlds number 1 wealth coach JT Foxx: 15 ways to grow and explode your business.

In business conceptual thinking is crucial! 

You must not JUST copy, but copy and make better or different.

JT Foxx and Marisa da Silva
Marisa da Silva and JT Foxx
See these 15 ways to grow and explode your business that I learnt and implemented from JT Foxx (Worlds number 1 wealth coach):
  1. Stay Small
    • Companies can afford to be sloppy when they get too big. Stay small in expenses but think big in terms of vision. It is crucial for you to maintain that stringent mindset.
    • We have implemented this mindset in our business and become a part of our culture by always asking "what will the return be?" This thinking has got us to think more strategic.
  2. Be the David v.s. Goliath
    • When you are the David, you have to be the best because you have no other choice. This constant fight will drive you to think more strategically. 
    • In our industry we are the David and this constant strive for being the best is how we have survived in our industry. Always think how can I be the best and how can I do this better-> this strive has revolutionised my business to always better who we are as individuals as well as our products and service offerings.
  3. Get the details right
    • Constantly ask how can I do better or be the best.
    • You can fix as you go along but make sure you are NOT over analyzing that you never actually take action.
  4. Must be inventive
    • Watch where you are spending. Finances are the thin line between success and failure-> must find creative ways to fund projects and growth.
    • Being inventive does not necessarily mean a new product but could be packaging previous products differently-> this allowed us to expand our basket to our customers and got them to try a wider variety of products. 
  5. Keep Moving
    • In business things go wrong all the time as long as you fail forward.
  6. Innovation
    • Differentiation is crucial! You do not have to be radical with a product offering. 
    • What we did is improved recipes or new packaging. 
  7. Trust your instincts
    • This is so crucial in business. 
    • Do not second guess yourself.
  8. Say yes
    • It may be scary but say yes to opportunities. Many opportunities will cross your path, you have to evaluate it and have the courage to say yes.
  9. Do business differently
    • Be bold! You have to be driven. 
    • Always think how can I be the best? How can I better this?
  10. Keep your ear to the ground
    • Listen to everyone, do not just act. Always look for opportunities- even the silliest things.
    • By keeping our ear to the ground with the help of coaching we have created training programmes for the bakery and made it user friendly with the help of infographics. 
  11. Make sure employees can make decisions quickly
    • Empower your employees to act autonomously. 
    • Always trust but verify so make sure you have a short string. If a problem arises and it takes to long to get to top management, may be too late.
  12. No such thing as bad publicity
    • Pop up and stand out. Dress boldly and use small quotes that catch readers attention in media. 
  13. Diversify your brand
    • Make sure your brand can diversify into completely different industries. Make it possible to do unrelated business 
  14. Have fun
    • If your organisational culture has a fun aspect, this creates a great environment to have employees thrive. 
    • With coaching, we added an idea board and if you have an idea and it is something we can implement the employee receives an award
  15. Negotiate everything in every way
    • Your negotiation skills are crucial for your business to grow and explode due to the need to form strategic alliances or for better deals as you will need all the help you can get.
These 15 steps are only some of the tips i have used in my business and they have had phenomenal results. Often it is just a small change you need in your business to take you to the next level. With the help of coaching from JT Foxx  (Worlds number 1 wealth coach) I have learnt to grow my business and think transformationally. This has changed my life and my businesses.

Friday, 5 September 2014

8 Great Trade Show Tips To Stand Out and Be Seen

Trade shows are gaining more traction but the only problem is if you do not know what you are doing then it is easy to become lost in the trade shows.

Follow these 8 easy tips to stand out and be seen at a Trade Show:

  1. Strong company identification - Logo, Logo, Logo!
    • Make sure that your logo is on all promotional items! 
    • These events are all about creating brand awareness and reinforcing your brand in your consumers mind which is why you need to have your logo on as many surfaces as possible. 
      • Areas that must have your logo are:
        1. Your stand, 
        2. All Trade Show personnel's clothing and 
        3. Most importantly on walk away free promotional products. When people see your products in other peoples hands and would like to try that same product, they need to know which company it came from so make sure you have your company on your walk away products. This exposure at a show is the greatest because it will help to pull people to your stand and have people actively look for you.
    • If it is a marketing campaign, make sure that you have similar placement, font and colour schemes so that your brand is reinforced in your consumers mind and the ads tie up to each other. This repetition of similar placement helps with your brand reinforcement.
  2. Theme your Stand Decor for direction:
    • When you give your stand a theme, it creates a decor direction and helps with decor so that you know what to buy and what you are looking for. If you want to emphasise tradition-> go for a bit more rugged and natural. If you are looking for modern then you know clean cut and strong lines.
    • This will help to draw people to your stand.
  3. Move out and about:
    • Ask the event coordinators if you can walk around with samples of your products and hand out as people are moving between aisles. This is the greatest secret and not many people ask if you can walk around so by the time everyone else realises this, you have already captured more people.
    • Make sure you have beautiful promotion ladies, always more effective. 

  4. Trade show deals:
    • Create deals and packages that are unique to that trade show and make sure you use words such as exclusive, once-off offer, for today only, never to be repeated, discounted to... etc. 
    • All of this provides a call to action and that is crucial to convert the trade show inquiries into actual sales. This also serves as a metric for you to judge how effective the trade show was, what leads you got from it and which deals and packages were effective for future shows.
  5. Do not over showcase:
    • Often at Trade Shows, we try to show everything that we do as a company but less is more when it comes to your trade show showcase.
    • Make sure what you are showcasing is your signature line, revolutionary or never before seen and most of all easy to transport and have people sample it. 
    • If you have a great product, your product will sell itself so we need to make sure that it is easy for people to sample your product. Actually testing the product while at the show will help to secure potential customers while you have them there will you. Let them see it and play with the product.
    • Use TV's with powerpoints showcasing your products, give brochures and pamphlets when people want to see your complete product range. 
  6. Use social Media Campaigns
    • Get people to take a photo at your stand and post online, tag your company and whoever is the most creative with your stand or product then they will win a prize.
    • You can also have a fun cardboard cut out with your brand and have poeple take a photo with this cut out and tag your company. 
  7. Make friends with your neighbours:
    • Work together with the companies around your stand and refer each others companies. This will create more hype around your stands which will pull more people in. The busier your area, the more people stop and look.
  8. Business Card box:

    • Place a box for people to drop their business cards to win a prize (make the prize something people will desire, or something quirky). Then have people come back at a certain time(s) for the drawing. This will allow you to get a lot more individuals details to have follow-up emails to reintroduce your company.

Remember that a trade shows have so many brands trying to get sales and gain that brand awareness, you just have to be more strategic and more effective.