Thursday, 14 August 2014

Easy tips for educational marketing

 Educational marketing has received a lot more attention with the increase of competition in each industry. The need to educate the customer on your company and your product and services has become more crucial for your success. 

The key principle behind educational marketing is educate your customer on WHY to use your company or your product/service.

When you develop a product or service, you have specific wants and needs that your product or service is there to fulfill. All you have to do is highlight these needs you fulfill

Very often your customer does not see the full value or potential of your product until you have told them. This is all about reaffirming your company in your customers mind.

For example: In our bakery industry, a large problem in the bakeries is they want to do everything from scratch and not use a premix. If this becomes a trend in the bakeries then this will adversely affect our company so we have to actively reaffirm our customers on the NEED for our premix. I have highlighted 7 of the most crucial reasons for using our premixes and made it into a campaign.

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3 tips for you to start your educational marketing:

  1. Make it easy: 
    • Make sure the customer remembers it when you are done. 
    • Pictures always works the best BUT make sure your pictures are appropriate. Your images need to reinforce what you are saying. 
    • Nothing to complex and keep it short.
  2. Make it relevant to your customers: 
    • Make sure that what you choose to showcase has your customer in mind. 
    • Your customer always wants to know "what is in it for me"-> make sure that the message is for them or else educational marketing is useless. 
    • Do not speak AT your consumer but rather engage WITH your consumer.
  3. Educate, Educate, Educate:
    • Add value to your customers and they will add value to you.
    • Everybody loves knowledge and education so make sure you do this often. 

The more you educate your customers, 

the more they know WHY you are different.

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