Thursday, 12 June 2014

6 tips for a call to action incentive

When you are introducing your product for the first time to prospective buyers, give them a call to action incentive.

Unfortunately, human nature passes onto business practices and we get caught up in what we doing and we end up saying I will do it just now. Very often, just now becomes never because we allow ourselves to continuously get distracted. Very often, someone may be interested in your product but keeps putting it off which is why you need to have a call to action.

This is an incentive to act NOW and try your product or service in a short period after your first point of contact.

Infanta Foods Introductory Voucher Example

  1. As you can see, we use the word EXCLUSIVE. This is so that they feel special and that you personalized this just for them. 
    • Other adjectives that can be used are rare, once-off, one-time-offer, never seen before etc. 
  2. Provide 2/3 incentives that make them want to buy more to gain more benefits. Use the words: IN ADDITION, so that people know it is extra. Tell your customers that because very often they will just scan over the offers so these words make it stand out and catch their attention.
  3. Give them a time period! This is the most crucial so that you give them a "Call To Action"
  4. Must be presented to be redeemable: You need the proof that they were actually at a specific event and physically received it. This gives you an indication of your return for particular events/tradeshows, for particular promotional bundles etc. 
    • This can all be used for analytics of your advertising return.
  5. Have a signature for authenticity and so that they can not just photo copy your voucher and number the voucher so you know how many you gave out and for tractability purposes. 
  6. Always have CONTACT DETAILS. Make it easy for your potential customer to contact you.

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