Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Marisa da Silva: A young female entrepreneur taking her family business to a family empire.

Marisa da Silva Female Entrepreneur
Marisa da Silva
Marisa da Silva matriculated from Cornwall Hill College in 2009 where she then went to Tuks to study Bcom Business Management. After her first year she was invited to be a part of The Golden Key International Honour Society which is the top 15% academically at the university. She then went on to Cum Laude her undergraduate Bcom Business Management and got accepted into honours as one of the top business management students to be 1 of 30 students. Marisa da Silva studied and worked at the same time to pay for her own studies gaining the practical knowledge alongside the theoretical knowledge. When Marisa graduated from Tuks honours Bcom Business management in 2013, she joined the family business full time ready to take the business to the next level.

George H Ross (Donald Trumps right hand man) and Marisa da Silva
George H Ross (Donald Trumps right hand man) and Me
In January 2014, Marisa met world’s number one wealth coach; JT Foxx. He invited her to join his coaching student programme to be coached by successful entrepreneurs such as himself and individuals like George Ross (Donald Trumps right hand man and judge on the apprentice). 

Judge on the apprentice 
JT Foxx, Marisa da Silva and Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)
JT Foxx, me and Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple)

Shortly after joining the JT Foxx Coaching Programme, Marisa attended the world’s number one networking event where she networked with the likes of Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder), successful entrepreneurs that are millionaires and billionaires from all around the world. This was where Marisa truly started to blossom and fuelled her passion for business.

Bakery in a Box Bakery Equipment
Bakery in a Box
Throughout the year, Marisa kept taking her business to new heights and expanded her families’ current bakery ingredients business to open a training school as well as “Bakery in a Box” equipment business. This concept was inspired by meeting so many entrepreneurs wanting to start a business but not sure how to go about it. Marisa wanted to facilitate entrepreneurs and created “Bakery in a Box” as a mechanism for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or add to their current business. She has been profiled on Cliff Central to discuss this concept for entrepreneurs.

Sylvester Stallone, Marisa da Silva and JT Foxx
Sylvester Stallone, Me and JT Foxx 
With all her business success, she has travelled to Los Angeles where she networked with entrepreneurs from over 30 countires and met Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone and Michelle Mone (Voted one of UK’s most successful female entrepreneurs). In February 2015, she spoke to 1200 entrepreneurs about her business success and personal journey in this last year wanting to motivate and inspire those around her.

Driven to take her family business to new heights, Marisa da Silva is a young lady to watch out for.    

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