Saturday, 15 July 2017

How JT Foxx changed a family business by changing the second generation

When I first met JT Foxx I was 22 years old and I was fresh out of university just having studied business management. I had joined my family business full time and I feared that I would take our successful family business and ruin it.

Well that was when I met JT Foxx and all of that changed. People often speak of a switch going off in your head and that is exactly what it felt like. After spending 8 hours learning from him and his organisations coaches, I felt that change in my mindset and in my belief.

My mom and myself spent the next day with him and his organisation and signed up for his coaching program excited to take our business to new heights through their guidance.

That all changed the very next day when the fear stepped in and we asked for a refund afraid we had made the wrong decision or it would not work for our business. JT Foxx found out that we had requested a refund and called us immediately and offered to meet the rest of the family for dinner as he believed in us and new his coaching would change our family business. This is how we knew he was different.

3 years later, I am so grateful that he did not give up on us and in particular myself as he changed my life and my families forever.

He has helped take our family business to a family empire and in the 3 years with him, these are a few of the results:
1. We have tripled our successful business of 34 years
2. We have become one of the top exporting companies out of Swaziland
3. Been featured on one of South Africa's top radio stations
4. Diversified our business from just bakery ingredients to a complete bakery solution
5. Exporting into America as well as neighbouring countries
6. Started a commercial investment company
7. Took our family business from business-to-business to business-to-consumer by launching our retail range.

These are just a few of the results we have achieved as a family business in this 3 years with JT Foxx and his organisation, but as my headline states, it has been through how he changed my life as second generation. 

A few of my personal results with JT Foxx:

1. South African Youth Entrepreneur Award winner in 2015
2. Featured in an episode on a series on DSTV about youth entrepreneurs in South Africa
3. Featured in magazine articles as a business extraordinaire
4. A entrepreneurial speaker and youth motivator
5. International residential property investor as well as commercial property investor
6. Business Founder
7. Rising star award winner out of 51 countries with the Top 1% Coaching organisation
8. Probably one of the greatest results is the the international network of top entrepreneurs that I call family supporting me and guiding me on this journey.

I am extremely blessed and grateful to have met JT Foxx when I did and be coached by him. At the age of 25 years old, I no longer fear ruining my family business. Instead, I cannot wait to take take our business to even greater heights and change the way people view family businesses.


  1. Congratulations on your achievements Marisa!!! Very inspiring story of the transformation of your Family Business to a Family Empire. All the best taking the empire to even greater heights.

    Enjoy reading my experience with JT Foxx and his Organization:

  2. What an amazing story! JT has helped us in so many ways and I am hoping just like you that my children will be greatly impacted from what they are learning from him as they finish high school and decide the direction they want to pursue in their own lives. You can read about our story and how he has impacted not only our lives but the lives of our five children at

  3. Congratulations Marisa-this story of yours and the results you can show are very inspirational to so many people. I loved reading it and how you changed the family business.I look forward to hearing more about your visions and plans to put into action. Hope to meet you in person in LA in November 2017! All the best of success! Sue Baumgaertner-Bartsch.

    Read our family story here:

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